Oncor’s medical options and incentive opportunities support the concept of wellness and preventive care. You are encouraged to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to oversee and coordinate your medical care.

Choose from the options below for medical coverage in 2022. Evaluate the options carefully because each option has unique features.

In addition to the HSAs and HRA Options, Oncor also offers a Health Care Flexible Spending Account. Click here to see a comparison of these accounts.

HSA $1,500/$3,000 Medical Option(1)

When you elect either of the HSA Options or the HRA Option, Oncor makes an automatic contribution.

You can receive additional incentive contributions to your HSA or HRA when you (or your spouse) participate in certain wellness activities. Click here for more details about these incentive opportunities.

HSA $2,500/$5,000 Medical Option(1)

HRA Medical Option(1)
(Closed to new participants January 1, 2022)

Scott & White Health Option
(No longer offered after January 1, 2022)

This option is no longer offered after January 1, 2022.

(1) The employer contribution is prorated on the number of eligible full months remaining in the year upon enrollment.

How The Medical Options Work

Click here to see how the medical options work.
All Oncor medical options include a Prescription Drug program through CVS Caremark. Click here for more information.